Photo Collab with JNicholls Photography

Photo Collab with JNicholls Photography


The weeks (let's be real, months) leading up to AFW were a little stressful to say the least. I had garments to finish, music to prepare, a trip to plan - all while still completing my regular customer orders and appointments. I hadn't even thought about how I should be maximizing my time in Halifax by collaborating with photographers. So I was thrilled when Jon reached out to ask if I was interested in doing this shoot. He was so wonderful to meet. My husband tagged along and really loved how Jon was so open to offering photography tips and tricks. Jon is a genuinely kind person and a super talented photographer.

He invited along Victoria, who I was so thrilled to meet - I had been admiring her work on Instagram for a while, and I asked Bre, who has modeled for Chavah Designs a few times now.

The location, The Exchange on Hollis was brilliant - such a beautiful and unique spot that really worked with the style of dresses I brought along.

Jon doing his thing 👇🏻

Some of Jon's beautifully captured images:

I love his appreciation for little details, like the way this dress pleated when Victoria sat down ❤️.


At the end of the session he even snapped a photo of me and then printed one of each of us, it was a such cool little keepsake. Thanks again, Jon!

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