My visit to Toronto

My visit to Toronto

It's been over 10 years since I was last in Toronto! I was so excited to get back and, of course, attend the 16th annual Cashmere Collection show as one of the designers. 
I finished my dress for the show the day before the show, I always leave these things until the last minute. 

We flew out the day of the show and arrived in Toronto early Wednesday morning.  We couldn't check in to our AirBnB for a few hours so we lugged our bags onto the TTC and spent the morning downtown.

I was able to make a last minute appointment at MAC in the Eaton Centre so I could have my makeup looking flawless for the show.  

My best friend, Bladen, from fashion school also came to the show with us and she wore one of our new designs - the starry night gown.

We arrived at the event and I was so excited (that I had to take a photo with the first Cashmere shirt wearing human I saw hahaha)

The Cashmere show itself was incredible & unlike anything I've ever experienced. The next day when the photos were released I couldn't stop looking at them. What a night!

Two other NBCCD graduates had their designs on the runway that night too:

 BifNaked performed and we got to meet her after!

The next day we spent walking around the city and exploring. The week prior, I had attended a fashion panel that Lisa Drader-Murphy spoke at, and then while walking downtown that day, I found her shop!

 We wandered to Kensington Market where we stopped for some cheap sunglasses and a beer.  Terrance asked if he could see the backroom of the bar we were in and then got me to come look, he thought it would make a great backdrop for a photoshoot - maybe next trip?


Overall, it was much too short of a trip. I wish we could have stayed a week but I had to get home and back to work.  I'll be back to Toronto soon ❤❤



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