Behind the Name: Chavah Designs

Behind the Name: Chavah Designs

Shivah - Cheva - Chava - just a few of the names I've been given over the years

Chavah is a Hebrew name meaning Eve; Mother of all living.

Growing up I was incredibly shy, so telling someone my name gave me the worst anxiety because I knew what was going to follow :



Here's where I get the strange look, and something along the lines of "Well that's .. different"

And then there were supply teachers. They would come to my name on their roll call list and there would be a long pause. I eventually got brave enough to pipe up and say "It's Chavah" - far less embarassing then waiting to see what they would come up with.Don't even get me started on those cool name keychains, because there wasn't a chance of me ever finding one - the best I could do was "Friend" or a big letter C.

Anyway, rant over. I do really love my name. I remember shortly after I graduated from the Fashion Design program at NBCCD, I was sitting with my Dad and I asked him what he thought I should name my future business. 

He promptly replied, "Your name. If you can't be proud of your name then you can't be proud of your designs" And that's where #chavahdesigns was born. 

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